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Thomas W. 3/5/2014
Excellent quality and roasted on the spot coffee Friendly sercice and great selsection of coffee as well as pastries. Local flavor of people amd a wonderful place to read or just hamg out. Very low noise level and cleam setting. You must try it.

Deby L. 12/12/2013
This is by far my favorite coffee spot. I love going to small whole in the wall coffee shops and this one has remained #1. I was a bit disappointed with their hours when I first found it because they never seemed to be open when I stopped by but now with the new management they're open all the time and the coffee is still the same! Haven't tasted their breads although they look delicious but my favorite Saturday past time is to get a delicious coffee and just go sit and write for a couple hours. Not to mention the coffee designs! My kudos go out to the baristas I have yet to find a coffee place that does the designs as well as them. Love this place!

Amy A. 8/19/2013
I give Crema 5 stars because, in no particular order:
  1. It was initially recommend by the J&F Gemelli hair stylists as the only coffee they will drink and something about them just makes me think they all know their coffee.
  2. My mom loves it. Enough said. If mom is happy, everyone is happy. She can finally get the red bean buns that she's been craving since she left Korea decades ago (her exact words). Ten stars.
  3. Mom loves it so much she ordered my little sister's birthday cake and asked me to pick it up. The cake is so beautiful you ALMOST don't want to eat it--except that those little heart-shaped dollops of creamy mocha goodness are calling my name. See pics.
  4. They use really nice packaging, which I as a paper and packaging snob, really love. Again, see pics. I'm going to keep and reuse the cake box--it is that sturdy (my pics don't do it justice). I normally order La Farm's chocolate cake for special occasions (which is amazing)--now I have another equally good option but the nicer packaging might make the difference (the La Farm cake comes in a standard thin white box and it can be hard to get the cake out and onto a nice serving platter).
  5. It is owned and run by a husband-wife team. With two sons, like me. Just trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents to support our rug rats.
  6. They offer organic coffee. The shop is cozy and cute and convenient to me. It also isn't the madhouse that La Farm is (although may be soon when people catch on to how great it is).
  7. The mocha coffee cake was AMAZING. It is a lighter cake--reminds me a lot of tiramisu (fresh, light cake that is moist and has a very light fluffy topping).

Crema Coffee Roaster & Bakery
1983 High House Rd, Cary, NC 27519
TEL: (919) 380-1840
Hours: 6:30 am – 8:00 pm

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